WELLINGTON, New Zealand, April 30, 2013 – Answer Medical Solutions from San Juan and Matakina exhibited together at the SOCRAD 17th Annual Convention (Sociedad Radiológica de Puerto Rico) in Puerto Rico April 26-28, 2013. SOCRAD attracts imaging attendees from around the Caribbean region.

David Mezzoprete, VP US Sales for Matakina, described the booth as busy with many delegates interested in Volpara for objective breast density measurement. “Puerto Rico is a US commonwealth and they observe FDA and MQSA standards. All of the MDs that I met were trained in the US and were familiar with what is happening with breast density notification legislation in the US.”

Answer Medical Solutions signed a distributor agreement for Volpara breast imaging software in February 2013 and have recently announced another distributing agreement with Sectra.

For more information about Answer Medical Solutions, visit: answermedicalsolutions.com



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